• Ceramics I is an entry-level clay sculpting course.  In this class, students will learn the three basic hand-building techniques; coil pinch and slab building.  As the year continues and sculpting skills increase, the projects become more geared to the student's personality and self-expression.  They will be building artwork that can be used for a 3-D portfolio.  They will also have the opportunity to strengthen their problem-solving skills and work in a creative, nurturing environment.  


    Grading Policy

    Project = 80% of the overall grade

    Deadlines/ Homework = 20% of overall grade


    Make-up policy 

    If you are absent, you will have extra time to work on your project outside the class beyond the deadline date. When the class moves on to a new project, we all move on together.  You are responsible for seeking "extra help" to finish projects or taking them home to finish.  


    My "Extra Help" day is Wednesday during unit lunch.

    Unit Lunch Extra Help is designed for working art students, not for social hours.  Please do not bring your entourage for extra help.


    Projects for the year

    Folders/ Pinch pots/ Tea bowls/ Canisters/ Coil bows/ Coil towers/ Face Off Masks/ Surrealist Houses/ Pop Art Food/  Teapots/ Plates/ Tile projects


    pinch pot dragon  coil tower   teabowl  monster    canisters   house