• Course Overview

    Ceramics II is an advanced-level clay sculpting class.  In this class, the students will be building on their skills from Ceramics I.  The students will learn more about behind-the-scenes how to run a ceramics studio.  They will be loading and unloading kilns, recycling clay, and making test tiles with glazes.  The students will also gain more artistic freedom as they will be studying modern ceramics artists.  It is important for students to see the vast possibilities that are available to them in the clay medium.  


    Grading Policy

    Project = 80% of the overall grade

    Deadlines/ Homework = 20% of overall grade


    If you are absent, you will have extra time to work on your project outside the class beyond the deadline date. When the class moves on to a new project, we all move on together.  You are responsible for seeking "extra help" to finish projects or taking them home to finish.  


    My "Extra Help" day is Wednesday during unit lunch.



    sgraffito vessels/ wheel throwing/ Pueblo pottery/ Teen arts/ Social Injustice/ Teapot/Portfolio Project/ Garden Art


    Portfolio   Slab Vessel  midterm  Portfolio  sgraffito vessels  pinch pot vase