Engineering Design 2

  • Students in this course build upon the skills introduced in the Engineering Design 1 course to solve higher level engineering design problems. Students utilize important science and mathematics concepts, common to most engineering disciplines, to develop more complex CAD drawings. Analyzing real life case studies allows students to enhance their basic skills for solving open-ended problems using the design process consisting of: documentation, material manipulation, internet research and mechanical drawing. Students in this class compete in problem solving and engineering design competitions.

    Grading Policy

    Each assignment is based on points using the following percentages.

    Major 50%: Tests and Large Projects

    Minor 30%: Quizes

    HW/CW 20%: Homework, Classwork, Participation

      Units Covered:

    • 3D Design and Modeling

    • CO2 Dragster - The Need for Speed

    • Computer System - what’s in a PC

    • Glider Design - How long will it stay in the air?

    • Buoyancy - how can a hunk of steel float

    • Hydraulic & Pneumatics - how a little pressure can create a lot of force 

    • Projectile Motion - How high will it fly?

    • Drones and Photogrammetry