• This course will use robotics to explore the fundamentals of engineering and electronics. It is designed to explore the current and future use of automation technology in industry and everyday life. The students will receive a comprehensive overview of robotic systems and the subsystems that comprise them, as well as the electronic systems used to control them. Students will learn by doing through the overall design and creation of several robotic systems while working individually and also in small and large teams.

    Grading Policy

    Each assignment is based on points using the following percentages.

    Major 50%: Tests and Large Projects

    Minor 30%: Quizes

    HW/CW 20%: Homework, Classwork, Participation


    Units Covered:

    • Lego Robotics

    • Cartesian Robot (CNC Router)

    • Analog and Digital Circuits

    • Arduino - combining inputs/outputs and coding in C#

    • Articulated Arm Robot and conveyor belt

    • Animatronics

    • Industrial Modules - hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors and a PLC