Engineering Design 1

  • This course exposes students to the various fields of engineering. Areas of study include but are not limited to: structures and mechanisms, control systems and energy systems. Students are instructed in mechanical drawing techniques as well as the use of Computer Aided Drawing and Design software such as OnShape. Students work on real-world engineering design problems, which require the application of valuable skills such as: hands-on problem-solving, design, creative thinking, teamwork, documentation, presentations, and applied math and science principles.   

    Grading Policy

    Each assignment is based on points using the following percentages.

    Major 50%: Tests and Large Projects

    Minor 30%: Quizes

    HW/CW 20%: Homework, Classwork, Participation



    • Drafting

    • Bridge Project - Structures

    • Simple Mechanism

    • Packaging Design

    • Flashlight Design

    • Mechatronics