• Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU)

    Monmouth County


    M-F (732) 542-2444 day / 

    (732) 996-7645 evenings

    Behavioral / Mental Health  Family Conflict & Distress
    Crisis / Safety  Safety / Prevention / Crisis

    Family Crisis Intervention Unit provides crisis intervention for families in Monmouth County on a 24 hour basis. The crisis situations involve serious conflict between the parent/guardian and the juvenile, serious threat, incorrigibility, runaway behavior, and truancy issues.

    Behavioral issues

    Truancy issues

    Parent/child conflict

    Runaway behaviors

    Resources, references, and linkage

    Station house adjustments

    Crisis petition to Family Court Judge




    Supervisor/Contact person and telephone number:

    Pamela A.Schott 732-542-2444

    The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County staffs the FCIU.