Academic Rigor

  • The mission of the academy is to fully prepare students for post-secondary education. Because of this, an emphasis is placed on academics and creating a rigorous sequence of courses in the Math, Science, and Engineering subject areas. Four years of courses in math and science are required at the honors level with at least one course taken at the Advanced Placement level in each subject. In addition, a four-year sequence of engineering courses is required.  
    Math Progression
    Academy students begin with honors Geometry or honors Algebra 2 and eventually progress to AP Calculus (AB), with some students able to take AP Calculus (BC). Additional Advanced Placement math courses include AP Statistics and AP Computer Science A. 
    Science Progression
    Academy students will take honors Biology or AP Biology their freshman year, then honors Chemistry sophomore year. Students can then direct the last two years of science to an area of interest. Science courses available during junior and senior year include honors Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science. (Beginning with the class of 2021, all students must take Physics as part of the Wall High School graduation requirements)
    Engineering Progression
    The four required engineering courses build upon each other beginning with an introduction to engineering, then progressing to advanced engineering principles, digital circuits and programming, and ultimately culminating with the senior capstone course. 
    *While many academy students choose to take additional courses at the honors and/or AP level, there is no requirement for honors courses outside of the math and science subjects. 
    *Academy students are required to maintain overall GPA requirements to remain in good standing with the academy. It is expected that academy students maintain an overall GPA of 3.600 and a GPA within the Math, Science & Engineering subjects of 3.600 as, well.