Pre-Engineering Academy Facilities

  • In the summer of 2013, a major renovation was done to what was an existing woodshop/metalshop. This space was transformed into what is now the Engineering Design & Innovation Lab. The room has distinct areas for instruction, prototyping, the physical manipulation of materials, and desktop computers with their own instructional space. The room has been designed with the flexibility to run a wide range of classes. Just about all of the furniture, equipment, and technology is new and updated routinely. 
    Laser Cutters
    Boss Laser LS1630 100w
    Glowforge Pro 45w
    3D Printers
    Stratasys Dimension uPrint SE
    Afinia H480
    Makerbot Z18
    Makerbot Replicator+ (2)
    Ultimaker 3 (2)
    Ultimaker S5 (With material station and air manager)
    Makerbot Sketch (4)
    Makerbot Method X Carbon Fiber (2)
    Flash Forge Creater Pro
    Dremel 3D45
    CNC Router
    Axiom Elite Series
    Prototyping Equipment
    Table saw
    Band saw (2)
    Disc sander
    Drill press (2)
    Scroll saw (2)
    Spindle sander
    Additional hand tools